Jan. 12, 2020


This is my own personal blog and website and is meant to promote public transit and sustainable urban development with an emphasis on Toronto and the GTHA - It is also meant to complement my main site TorontoTransitBlog.com - The blog includes posts from many sources, but many of the ideas, comments, and opinions are my own

TorontoTransitBlog.com is intended to be a more general source of information; and a place for the exchange of ideas, comments, and concerns regarding traffic and transit issues in the GTA

This site focuses on my proposal for a "SmarterTracks" plan to address the current and future requirements for transit in Scarborough and the surrounding GTA - It is intended to present the plan in a cleaner and simpler fashion, making it easier for everyone to look up specific details and information without having to search through what is becoming a voluminous number of posts and pages, information, comments and opinions, on the other site

Mission:  To promote public transit and sustainable urban development, with an emphasis on Toronto and the GTHA

I am for changes and improvement to all forms of transportation and transit (including roads and expressways) for the entire city, but; as a former long-time resident of Scarborough, and a proponent of subways, my biases will be towards connecting and completing the Sheppard Avenue and Scarborough (McCowan) subways - It is my intention to later try and tackle the needs for the rest of the city, but; as I am completely new to blogging and only started this blog from scratch on Feb 2'16 and, there is a lot of time involved in researching and building these sites, I will gradually extend my reach into the rest of the GTA and surrounding communities over time

Please be sure to leave your comments and own ideas before leaving the site - For those that are against any new subways or new subway extensions of any kind; please read some of my blogs and posts before you open your pie-hole; then bring it on!!! - I will be more than happy to debate the issues with you! - P.S. - Don't bother telling me the DRL should come before any more subway expansion - I fully agree! - If you read my blogs and posts; you would know that the DRL and Scarborough subways should have been built over thirty years ago, with the DRL opening one month or so prior to Scarborough [NOT THE F....ng SRT]



 - Phase IV of the fifth draft of my ten (10) phase proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area can be found here at SmarterTracks.com