Aug. 23, 2019

Just to be clear about this .. , you are proposing a line from Durham to Mississauga as a subway?

"Yes and no; it's not my intention for anyone to use it to travel between Durham and Mississauga; GO would still be the mode of transit for that - It's more about local travel within Durham, Toronto, and Mississauga, but with the option of travelling between one centre and another - Also; the areas with lower densities and sparse populations could be bypassed stopping only at major interchanges such as GO lines, other subways, and LRT lines, and at key destinations - The travel time through these "express" portions of the line, with stops averaging 4,000 metres apart, would be roughly half that of sections with more traditional stop spacing of about 800 metres"

Phil Prentice in response to Andre Sorenson on Facebook - Aug 23'19