Jun. 14, 2016

The proposed extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT (the extension known as The Crosstown East LRT) will provide a rapid mode of transit between UTSC and the proposed Kennedy Subway/GO/SmartTrack Station - My proposal is to complete the connection between Don Mills and Sheppard and Scarborough Centre with a subway and build an east/west LRT along Sheppard Avenue East between a new rapid transit station at the intersection of Kingston Road/Highway #2 and Sheppard Avenue East (with connections to the Durham Region) and a new Subway Station at McCowan and Sheppard, and then build an LRT shuttle between the Sheppard East LRT at Meadowvale Road and Sheppard and the Toronto Zoo

See the second draft of Phase VI of my ten (10) phase proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area for my plans for the subway, and Phase VII of my first draft for the plans for the LRTs [the second draft for Phase VII to follow shortly]