Key Destinations - Centennial College

Aug. 27, 2021

The WAVE shuttle will be tested on a six-kilometre route that will begin and end at the Whitby GO Station, making a loop through the Port Whitby neighbourhood - SmartCone photo

Aug. 27, 2021

"I disagree; we can't afford to provide rapid rail transit everywhere - A driverless bus like this would be ideal for shuttling passengers between Centennial College Scarborough Campus, the new Scarborough Centre subway station, and Kennedy GO Station"

Phil Prentice in response to William Busuttil on Facebook - August 27'21
Jun. 14, 2016

My plan services every one of the twelve (12) key destination in Scarborough identified by the City planners [including Centennial College (Progress Road Campus)] – The latest city plans do not – My plan includes an LRT along Markham Road connecting Centennial College with Malvern and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT/GO Station near McCowan Road and Eglinton Avenue East; and an LRT shuttle between Centennial College Progress Campus, Scarborough Centre Subway Station, STC, and the proposed GO/SmartTrack Staion at Kennedy and Ellesmere

With my plan there is actually no need for SmartTrack - My plan finally completes the connection between the proposed McCowan Road Subway and the Sheppard Avenue Subway in Scarborough – SmarterTracks includes provision for a future High-capacity Rapid Transit Line (HCRT) between Pickering/Ajax and Scarborough (possibly a mono-rail or other form of elevated RT), in place of the currently proposed BRT (Express bus line) - My plan services everything efficiently and effectively without SmartTrack, and uses the minimum number of differing modes of transit with the least number of transfers possible – SmarterTracks is a long term plan – If the City rushes into their plan without knowing what their long term plan is, they will incur huge and unnecessary costs down the road


The City’s Scarborough Transit Proposal Update dated January 21’16, services:

- The Kennedy-Steeles Corridor

- Golden Mile

- Kennedy Mobility Hub

- University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC)

- Scarborough Centre


My plan services all of the key destinations above, plus:

- Malvern Centre

- The Scarborough Hospital General Campus

- The Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus

- Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital

- Consumers Business Park

- Centennial College (Progress Road Campus)

- Toronto Zoo

- Two major corridors along Markham Road and along Lawrence Avenue, both ripe for new development


Now, the City will tell you that they plan to address and service all of these key destinations eventually, but; when, at what cost, and how will it fit in with the current proposal – As it is now, even if expedited, the earliest anything new in the City’s current proposal will be ready for operation and use and is at least ten years from now – Connection of the remaining six destinations is likely to be decades further down the road



  • Eliminates SmartTrack
  • Finally completes the connection between the McCowan Road (Line 2 Extension to Scarborough) and Sheppard Avenue Subways in Scarborough
  • Services Malvern Centre, The Scarborough Hospital General Campus, The Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus, Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital, Consumers Business Park, Centennial College (Progress Road Campus), Toronto Zoo, plus all of the other key Scarborough destinations serviced by The City’s Scarborough Transit Proposal updated on January 21’16
  • Includes rapid transit along Markham Road and Lawrence Avenue which covers two corridors ripe for new development
  • Includes a new Elevated HCRT Line between Scarborough and Pickering/Ajax


If not planned for now; future developments could box them in and limit options – For example; land acquisitions could be too small, stations could be oriented incorrectly to accommodate future needs, retrofit costs would be higher, tunnels might not be deep enough to accommodate future stations, e.t.c. …..


See the second draft of Phase VI of my ten (10) phase proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area here at