Apr. 9, 2016

My SmarterTracks GTA Proposal - Phase I

Following is a list of the current transit plans that are ready, or almost ready, to be implemented (along with my own tweaks and preferences) - I am in general agreement with most the current plans - It's as we get in to the next few phases that our plans really start to diverge

 - Relief Line along Queen Street between University Avenue and Don Mills and Lawrence
 - Three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension to McCowan and Sheppard
 - High-capacity Parking Node at McCowan and Sheppard
 - Finch West LRT between Humber College and Yonge and Finch Subway Station
 - Parking Node at Jane and Finch
 - Crosstown East LRT Extension between Kennedy and Eglinton Subway Station and UTSC (University of Toronto Scarborough Campus)
 - Hurontario-Main LRT between the Brampton and Port Credit GO Stations


NOTE:  Plans and maps for Phases II to XV are in the works - Any plans or maps for these phases currently on this site are still rough drafts

 - Phase I for the GTA and Scarborugh on this subpage is complete for now

 - Phases II to V for Scarborough on the Phase II to V subpages are complete for now

 - Phases VI to XV for Scarborough are in progress

 - Phases II to XV for the GTA are in progress