Phase IV - Option B

Apr. 12, 2016

 - Monorail between Pearson Airport and the Jane Street Subway at Jane and Lawrence
 - Monorail between Lawrence GO Station and the DRT Pulse at Kingston Road (Highway #2) and Sheppard Avenue
 - Complete subway connection between Sheppard Avenue Subway and Relief Line at Jane and Sheppard
 - Expand Parking Node at Jane and Sheppard
 - Kingston Road LRT between the Queen Street East Relief Line Subway Station at Carlaw Avenue and Queen Street East, and the Eglinton Crosstown East LRT at Kingston Road and Eglinton Avenue East

Apr. 12, 2016

Phase IV
(15 Years)

Apr. 5, 2016

Above is a map with Phase IV Option B for my Ten (10) Phase Rapid Transit Plan for Scarborough and Pickering/Ajax - This option includes a monorail along Lawrence Avenue instead of Ellesmere Road, with an option of extending it west to Pearson Airport and Brampton – A future Brampton-Pearson-Lawrence-KingstonRoad-Highway2-Pickering/Ajax alignment would work better than along Ellesmere

- Add Kingston Road LRT