Apr. 10, 2016

SmarterTracks - Scarborough - Phase VI

 - Detroit-Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Hyperloop [Non-stop between Detroit-Toronto, Toronto-Ottawa, and Toronto-Montreal]
 - Extend Scarborough Subway (Line 2) to Markham ON
 - New Dundas Street West-College-Carlton-Gerrard-Main LRT between Dundas Street West and Main Street Subway Stations
 - New Weston Road LRT
 - New Lawrence East LRT between Relief Line at Don Mills and Lawrence and Lawrence East GO Station
 - Complete LRT connection between Malvern Centre and Markhan Road LRT at Centennial College
 - Connect Markham Road LRT along Sheppard Avenue and McCowan Road to Scarborough Centre
 - Expand high-capacity Parking Node at McCowan and Sheppard