Mar. 23, 2016

My Proposed Brampton-Pearson-Toronto-Pickering/Ajax Monorail

Tory’s SmartTrack is focused on those travelling to and from the downtown area – In fact, with the exception of the proposed Finch LRT, every mode of transit is focused on those travelling to and from the downtown area – The city’s own studies show that more than 75% of those using public transit want to travel elsewhere – What are they doing for the rest of us?

My latest proposal is for a Monorail connecting Pearson International Airport with Bowmanville in the east and Brampton in the west - The Monorail could run above the roads along Highway #7 from Bramalea City Centre to Airport Road and then Dixon Road to Wilson Avenue, York Mills, Ellesmere, and Highway #2, connecting with;

Bramalea City Centre, the Woodhill Industrial Area, Malton Go Station, The International Centre, Pearson International Airport and the UP Express, Toronto Congress Centre, Weston Go Station, Lawrence West Subway Station, Yonge and Lawrence Subway Station, York University Glendon Campus (or Yonge and York Mills Subway Station), Don Mills and York Mills DRL Subway Station, Ellesmere Go Station, Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Centre, Rough Valley Centenary Hospital, UTSC, Pickering, Ajax, and eventually Whitby, Oshawa, and Clarington/Bowmanville

It would be routed along Ellesmere then along Highway #2 from Kingston Road and Ellesmere Road in the east – It would cross the Rough Valley Park at Highway #2, so, other than beefing up the bridge at the Rouge Valley, it would have very little impact on the park (other than making it more accessible to everyone)

The monorail eventually be extended along Highway #2 for use as local transit for each community along the route (e.g. Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa) with bypasses for express service between communities

None of these roads are fully (densely) developed yet - I am thinking 30 to 50 years out - The proposed BRT will suffice for Alax/Pickering for now, so there is no urgency, other than to plan for it now - The reason we need to plan now is that the land needs to be reserved and current station plans need to be oriented properly for future development now – This could also be a mini-hyperloop if the technology is ready before that time

This plan works well as it covers areas in the GTA not covered by Tory’s SmartTrack!

Feel free to comment and contribute, and visit my other website at to view the rest of my plans and proposals, and for insight into my ideas and thoughts on the future of rapid transit for Scarborough and the rest of the GTA