Mar. 21, 2016

Proposed Midland Subway/RT Railyards - Mar 20'16 Message to the City

NOTE: The above was sent with the following message on Mar 20’16:

"Hi All - Further to my previous messages; any rapid transit proposal will require new railyards and maintenance facilities - Attached is a file with proposed railyards and facilities for my proposed transit network for Scarborough and the surrounding region – I have selected the Midland Avenue corridor for the railyards as most of the land is existing low-density industrial and much of the land is already used for rapid transit (Existing Scarborough RT and Go Train Lines)

If you haven't already; you can see the second DRAFT of my proposal for the future of rapid transit for Scarborough at, and my ideas and thoughts behind the development of my plans at – Feel free to visit, comment and contribute - Following is a legend to go with the attached draft plan – My daughter doesn’t know it yet, but; I am going to be asking her to do up a more professional version (or teach me how to use Illustrator) – If there is anyone that would like to assist me with this project; I am looking for volunteers?"


Subway Lines – Red
- Subway Railyards
o Surface – Orange
o Tunnels – Purple

LRT Lines – Hot Pink
- LRT Railyards – Light pink

HCERT(High-capacity Elevated Rapid Transit)/Monorail Lines - Blue
- HCERT Railyards – Light blue


Plan B

I do have a Plan B calling for the railyards and maintenance facilities to be located adjacent to my proposed high-capacity parking node at McCowan and Sheppard, but; this major intersection would be best suited for the parking node alone and the rest of the area set aside for future high-density development

Centennial College-Scarborough Town Centre Shuttle

My SmarterTracks plan calls for a shuttle along Progress Avenue between Centennial College and Scarborough Centre – This shuttle could be connected directly with Scarborough Town Centre and (as the distance is going to be significant) the shuttle could also serve as barrier-free transportation between the mall and the new Scarborough Centre Subway Station {Kids you’re going to have to give up your seats at Scarborough Centre] – The shuttle could eventually be extended west to connect with the GO Train station at Kennedy and Ellesmere [50 years from now, maybe?] – Save the space!!!

P.S. - No need for SmartTrack (The electrified GO Train will do the job until the subway is extended up to Markham and north to 16th Avenue) - A Pickering/Ajax-Scarborough HCERT would be a SmarrtTrack

P.S.S. – Agreed; we’re looking at least 50 years out now!! - How far out is the city thinking!!!"

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