Jul. 13, 2016


"My guesstimate of the present value of the lost time and productivity transferring between subway and LRT is based on the number of transfers between subway and SRT at Kennedy and Eglinton Station - APPROXIMATE PRESENT VALUE OF LOST TIME TRANSFERRING BETWEEN SUBWAY AND SRT AT KENNEDY AND EGLINTON = 30,000 average weekday transfers (extrapolated from 2014 stats) x 260 weekdays per year x 30 years x 9 minutes lost time per transfer x $29.00/hour = $1.01 BILLION in LOST TIME - The total value of the lost time is even higher if you factor in weekends, but urban planners place a lower value on your time when you are traveling for leisure, so it won't increase the figures much - THIS IS WHY I FEEL THAT THE COST/BENEFIT ANALYSIS FOR AN LRT IN PLACE OF A SUBWAY HAS BEEN GROSSLY MISREPRESENTED"

Phil Prentice