Feb. 27, 2016

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

Take a look at my SmarterTracks plan for Scarborough and the GTA - We are probably talking 12 to 15 years from now, but; the proposed extension of the Crosstown LRT will provide a rapid mode of transit to and from UTSC and Kennedy Station - My proposal is to also add an extension to the LRT from Malvern Centre to UTSC, and an east/west HCRT [High-capacity Rapid Transit line (something like Tory's SmartTrack)] along Highway #2 in Durham, and Ellesmere Road in Scarborough, between Durham Region, UTSC, and the new Scarborough Subway Station at STC - The Ellesmere portion of the HCRT could eventually be extended along York Mills Road to connect with the north end of the proposed DRL at Don Mills, and then further west to the Yonge Street Subway (Line 1) - Everything will feed everything else - Buses will still be required along most routes, as LRT stops, as well as Subway stations, will be too far apart compared with the spacing of bus stops