Jul. 29, 2016

I revised my plan for an elevated rapid transit line serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham Region (MBTD Monorail or HERT) to an LRT, but; I was not satisfied that an LRT will do the job, so in order to cover the distances and achieve the speeds I feel will be required, I made the line an Express LRT with limited stops instead – The line will have at least one stop in each community and connect with every major rapid transit line along its route - I am calling it MBTD Express LRT

The first phases of the route will be a Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line, and a Mississauga-Pearson Airport line

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line (First phase of a Scarborough-Durham line) line will interconnect with the following:
- Lawrence GO/SmartTrack
- McCowan Road (Scarborough) Subway
- Markham Road LRT
- Crosstown East LRT
- Sheppard LRT or BRT

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line will be extended to form the Scarborough-Durham line – This next phase of the line will interconnect with Pickering GO and have the following stops:
- Pickering GO
- Pickering Centre
- (Possibly) Pickering East
- Ajax Centre
- Whitby Centre
- Oshawa West
- Oshawa Centre
- Oshawa East
The line can eventually be extended east to Clarington/Bowmanville

The Mississauga-Pearson Airport line (First phase of a Mississauga-Toronto line) line will interconnect with the following:
- Meadowvale GO
- Hurontario LRT
- Pearson Airport, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT

The Brampton-Pearson Airport line will have its terminus and a large parking facility at Dixie and Mayfield Roads, and interconnect with the following:
- Brampton Züm BRT at three stops along Dixie Road
- The Mississauga line, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT, at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Mississauga and Brampton lines will eventually be extended east to interconnect with:
- Weston GO
- Jane LRT or Beltline Subway
- Toronto-York Spadina Subway
- Yonge Street Subway
- Don Mills (Relief Line) Subway, and;
- The Scarborough-Durham line at Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

The Mississauga line can eventually be extended west to Milton

Jul. 29, 2016

SmarterTracks - Phase III - 5th DRAFT (No changes from the 4th draft) - The 3rd draft of Phase III of my SmarterTracks plan for Scarborough included the following:
- A subway connecting Scarborough Centre and the Sheppard Subway at Don Mills and Sheppard
- Expansion of the parking facility at McCowan and Sheppard
- A busway along Sheppard Avenue between Scarborough Centre and Highway 2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road
- A Driverless Shuttlebus between the Toronto Zoo and the Sheppard Avenue BRT at Meadowvale and Sheppard

This 4th draft added the Sheppard BRT between the Scarboorugh Town Centre and the Scarborough Centre Subway Station

Jul. 29, 2016

SmarterTracks - Phase II - 5th DRAFT (No changes from the 3rd or 4th drafts) - The third draft of Phase II calls for a Markham Road LRT connecting Malvern Centre and Centennial College Progress Campus with Eglinton GO - It also includes a Driverless Shuttlebus connecting Centennial College, the Markham Road LRT, the McCowan Business Precinct, Scarborough Centre, Scarborough Town Centre, the Brimley Industrial Precinct, and Ellesmere GO

Jul. 29, 2016

SmarterTracks - Phase I - 5th DRAFT (No changes from the 3rd or 4th drafts) - The third draft reinstated the proposed subway station at Danforth Road and Eglinton Avenue E. - Regardless of whether these stations are ever built or not, I believe they should be included and will show them regardless of what the city actually does end up doing

The 3rd draft also includes the proposed changes to the Crosstown East LRT to accomodate the proposed changes by the university at UTSC