Nov. 11, 2019

Approximately 80% of my proposed Toronto Beltline Subway is already planned, or being planned, as subways or LRTs; or already exists as subways:

Toronto Beltline Subway

Existing Subways
- Bloor-Danforth (Line 2) between Pape and Kennedy Stations - 15%
- Sheppard East between Sheppard-Yonge and Don Mills Stations - 10%

Proposed New Subways and Subway Extensions
- Ontario/Relief Line between Exhibition Place and Pape Stations - 15%
- SSE between Kennedy and Scarboorugh Centre Stations - 10%

Proposed New LRTs
- Sheppard East LRT (Don Mills to McCowan portion) - 10%
- Jane LRT (Dundas West to Sheppard portion) - 20%

All that is required to make this a reality is to build subways instead of LRTs along Jane Street and Sheppard East instead of LRTs, and to build a subway along Sheppard West to close the final gap

The Missing Links
- Sheppard West Subway - 15%
- Ontario/Relief Line Extension (Exhibition Place to Dundas West Station) - 5%

Jul. 31, 2016

Here is the latest version of my proposed beltline subway for Toronto - Same idea; new graphic

This version shows existing subway lines, new lines and extensions and new extensions in progress, and my proposed new lines

NOTE: I am not taking credit for most of my proposed new lines; most are obvious or have already been proposed by others

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