SmarterTracks - Ten Phase 40 to 50 Year Plan

Jul. 31, 2016

Here is the latest version of my proposed beltline subway for Toronto - Same idea; new graphic

This version shows existing subway lines, new lines and extensions and new extensions in progress, and my proposed new lines

NOTE: I am not taking credit for most of my proposed new lines; most are obvious or have already been proposed by others

Jul. 29, 2016

I revised my plan for an elevated rapid transit line serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham Region (MBTD Monorail or HERT) to an LRT, but; I was not satisfied that an LRT will do the job, so in order to cover the distances and achieve the speeds I feel will be required, I made the line an Express LRT with limited stops instead – The line will have at least one stop in each community and connect with every major rapid transit line along its route - I am calling it MBTD Express LRT

The first phases of the route will be a Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line, and a Mississauga-Pearson Airport line

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line (First phase of a Scarborough-Durham line) line will interconnect with the following:
- Lawrence GO/SmartTrack
- McCowan Road (Scarborough) Subway
- Markham Road LRT
- Crosstown East LRT
- Sheppard LRT or BRT

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line will be extended to form the Scarborough-Durham line – This next phase of the line will interconnect with Pickering GO and have the following stops:
- Pickering GO
- Pickering Centre
- (Possibly) Pickering East
- Ajax Centre
- Whitby Centre
- Oshawa West
- Oshawa Centre
- Oshawa East
The line can eventually be extended east to Clarington/Bowmanville

The Mississauga-Pearson Airport line (First phase of a Mississauga-Toronto line) line will interconnect with the following:
- Meadowvale GO
- Hurontario LRT
- Pearson Airport, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT

The Brampton-Pearson Airport line will have its terminus and a large parking facility at Dixie and Mayfield Roads, and interconnect with the following:
- Brampton Züm BRT at three stops along Dixie Road
- The Mississauga line, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT, at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Mississauga and Brampton lines will eventually be extended east to interconnect with:
- Weston GO
- Jane LRT or Beltline Subway
- Toronto-York Spadina Subway
- Yonge Street Subway
- Don Mills (Relief Line) Subway, and;
- The Scarborough-Durham line at Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

The Mississauga line can eventually be extended west to Milton

Jul. 26, 2016

The latest version of Phase IV of my SmarterTracks plan for Scarborough includes the following:
- An LRT between Ellesmere GO and UTSC connecting with Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Centre, and Rouge Valley/Centenary Hospital
- An elevated rapid transit line [Monorail or HERT (High-capacity elevated rapid transit)] along Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road between Lawrence GO and Highway 2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road

Feb. 29, 2016

 -  Suspend the SmartTrack concept and put the funds into subways and other forms of rapid transit instead

 - Resurrect and carry on with Metrolinx's original plans to electrify and increase capacity and frequency on the existing GO Train System

Feb. 27, 2016

This is my proposal for a solution towards resolving traffic and transit issues in Scarborough and the surrounding area - The foundation of my plan is based the plan approved by council last year, including a three-stop subway following the McCowan Road corridor from Kennedy and Eglinton to Scarborough Centre and McCowan and Sheppard; and then the completion of the Sheppard subway connecting it with the McCowan and Sheppard station and Scarborough Centre, in place of the SmartTrack - Although my plan is divided into ten (10) hypothetical phases; of course the phases can be expedited, postponed, or done in an entirely different sequence, depending on need, and the availability of financing - I do realize that there are issues that need to be addressed elsewhere in the city, so that is why I have proposed implementing the plan over a period of fourty (40) to fifty (50) years - My proposed schedule is still aggressive - I am aware that we’ll be lucky to have many of the first phases completed within fifteen (15) years - If fifteen (15) years is the best that can be done with planning, studies, approvals, and construction; then all of my proposed dates dates can be pushed out up to ten (10) years - Don’t shoot the messenger; these days, it does take almost fifteen (15) years to design and build any form of new rapid transit - I have been waiting for a subway for Scarborough for over thirty years now - It would just be nice to see something completed before I’m dead and buried

In addition to maps for each of the phases of my proposed plan; this blog post includes a map of the City's latest proposal updated on January 21'16, as well as a copy of one of the planning reports - I encouage you to comment on my blog and my proposed plan - Please return to view this blog on a regular basis as I intend to provide more detail on my plan and add more posts with other ideas, information, comments, and concerns with regard to traffic and transit within the GTA and the surrounding area

This is a link to PDFs with maps of the current proposal based on the Scarborough Transit Planning Update January 21'16 and the ten (10) phases of my proposed SmarterTracks plan - - If you download and scroll through the maps, you will see the difference between the two plans and the progression of the various phases of my plan

See also; Phases I to X



 - Phase VI of the second draft of my ten (10) phase proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area is ready

 - Phase I of the third draft of my ten (10) phase proposal is ready

 – You can find them here at