Feb. 26, 2016

Key Destinations Map

Key Destinations

The City’s planning division has identified twelve (12) key destinations that need to be serviced by rapid transit - The City’s latest proposal addresses five (5) of these, and I am aware of plans in the works that will cover one more (Malvern Centre) - My plan covers every key destination (including the other six (6) identified by the City planners – I believe my plan covers everything efficiently and effectively without SmartTrack, and uses the minimum number of differing modes of transit with the least number of transfers possible – My plan is a long term plan – If the City rushes into this without knowing what their long term plan is, they will incur huge and unnecessary costs down the road (e.g.; UP Express)

The Scarborough Transit Proposal Update (January 21’16) services:
- Kennedy-Steeles Corridor
- Golden Mile
- Kennedy Mobility Hub
- University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC)
- Scarborough Centre

TBD (Not included, but in the planning stages)
- Malvern Centre

My SmarterTracks plan services all of the above, plus:
- The Scarborough Hospital Birchmount Campus
- Consumers Business Park
- The Scarborough Hospital General Campus
- Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital
- Centennial College (Progress Road Campus)
- Toronto Zoo

See SmarterTracks Scarborough at http://www.torontotransitblog.com/432117975

Now of course the City will tell you that they plan to address and service all of these other key destinations eventually, but; when, at what cost, and how will it fit in with the current proposal? – If not planned for now; future developments could box them in and limit options, land acquisitions now could be too small, stations could be oriented incorrectly to accommodate future needs, tunnels might not be deep enough to accommodate future stations, etc, etc …..

Key Destinations Map SOURCE - Scarborough Transit Planning Update - January 21'16 - http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2016/ex/bgrd/backgroundfile-87737.pdf