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Jun. 23, 2022

"Plans for another smaller, stand-alone Scarborough rail line draw fire" - I'm actually okay with a stand-alone line for Scarborough - The SRT was a mistake; this EELRT makes sense

#EELRT #EglintonEastLRT

Phil Prentice on Twitter - June 23'22
Jan. 12, 2020

Here is my proposal for the next step in rapid transit for Toronto and the GTA - Rapid Transit is over 20 years behind where it needs to be - Even with all of the plans on the books and currently in the early planning stages, it's not going to be enough - The black line on this map represents the Ontario Line as currently proposed by the Ontario government for completion in 2027 - The pink line represents my proposal for a second relief line (Ontario Line 2) - This line would be a metro style subway (the same as what Doug Ford is proposing for the Ontario Line) - It would run along King Street (thus eliminating the need for the King Streetcar), and extend west to Roncesvalles, north through Dundas West Station, and then north-west along Weston and Albion Roads (eventually to Brampton); and east along Queen Street and Kingston Road to connect with the Eglinton East LRT at Kingston Road and Eglinton Avenue East (as possibly to Pickering) - Of course extensions to Brampton and Pickering would not be practical to get to and from downtown, but would be more for local service for points in between - A huge thanks to Henry Lin who created this map for me - And credit to Henry for coming up with names for all of the stops along the route

Jan. 12, 2020

I revised my plan for an elevated rapid transit line serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham Region (MBTD Monorail or HERT) to an LRT, but; I was not satisfied that an LRT will do the job, so in order to cover the distances and achieve the speeds I feel will be required, I made the line an Express LRT with limited stops instead – The line will have at least one stop in each community and connect with every major rapid transit line along its route - I am calling it MBTD Express LRT

The first phases of the route will be a Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line, and a Mississauga-Pearson Airport line

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line (First phase of a Scarborough-Durham line) line will interconnect with the following:
- Lawrence GO/SmartTrack
- McCowan Road (Scarborough) Subway
- Markham Road LRT
- Crosstown East LRT
- Sheppard LRT or BRT

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line will be extended to form the Scarborough-Durham line – This next phase of the line will interconnect with Pickering GO and have the following stops:
- Pickering GO
- Pickering Centre
- (Possibly) Pickering East
- Ajax Centre
- Whitby Centre
- Oshawa West
- Oshawa Centre
- Oshawa East
The line can eventually be extended east to Clarington/Bowmanville

The Mississauga-Pearson Airport line (First phase of a Mississauga-Toronto line) line will interconnect with the following:
- Meadowvale GO
- Hurontario LRT
- Pearson Airport, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT

The Brampton-Pearson Airport line will have its terminus and a large parking facility at Dixie and Mayfield Roads, and interconnect with the following:
- Brampton Züm BRT at three stops along Dixie Road
- The Mississauga line, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT, at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Mississauga and Brampton lines will eventually be extended east to interconnect with:
- Weston GO
- Jane LRT or Beltline Subway
- Toronto-York Spadina Subway
- Yonge Street Subway
- Don Mills (Relief Line) Subway, and;
- The Scarborough-Durham line at Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

The Mississauga line can eventually be extended west to Milton

Jan. 12, 2020

This is my own personal blog and website and is meant to promote public transit and sustainable urban development with an emphasis on Toronto and the GTHA - It is also meant to complement my main site - The blog includes posts from many sources, but many of the ideas, comments, and opinions are my own is intended to be a more general source of information; and a place for the exchange of ideas, comments, and concerns regarding traffic and transit issues in the GTA

This site focuses on my proposal for a "SmarterTracks" plan to address the current and future requirements for transit in Scarborough and the surrounding GTA - It is intended to present the plan in a cleaner and simpler fashion, making it easier for everyone to look up specific details and information without having to search through what is becoming a voluminous number of posts and pages, information, comments and opinions, on the other site

Mission:  To promote public transit and sustainable urban development, with an emphasis on Toronto and the GTHA

I am for changes and improvement to all forms of transportation and transit (including roads and expressways) for the entire city, but; as a former long-time resident of Scarborough, and a proponent of subways, my biases will be towards connecting and completing the Sheppard Avenue and Scarborough (McCowan) subways - It is my intention to later try and tackle the needs for the rest of the city, but; as I am completely new to blogging and only started this blog from scratch on Feb 2'16 and, there is a lot of time involved in researching and building these sites, I will gradually extend my reach into the rest of the GTA and surrounding communities over time

Please be sure to leave your comments and own ideas before leaving the site - For those that are against any new subways or new subway extensions of any kind; please read some of my blogs and posts before you open your pie-hole; then bring it on!!! - I will be more than happy to debate the issues with you! - P.S. - Don't bother telling me the DRL should come before any more subway expansion - I fully agree! - If you read my blogs and posts; you would know that the DRL and Scarborough subways should have been built over thirty years ago, with the DRL opening one month or so prior to Scarborough [NOT THE SRT]



 - Phase IV of the fifth draft of my ten (10) phase proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area can be found here at